earn money with youtube: how much money you get on youtube

 earn money with youtube: how much money you get on how many views

When it comes to earning money on YouTube, many people think that earning money from YouTube is a joke. There will be many of your favourite channels, which you have subscribed to. Many people are confused about how much money YouTube gives us for one thousand views. Some people think 1 dollar. Some people think 5 dollars.

 How much can you earn from YouTube?

 One of the biggest doubts in the minds of many people is that making money on YouTube is very easy. But it is not so, how much effort goes behind making a video.  How to shoot, how much time is needed for the presentation, what level in the script, all these things have to be maintained, all these things have to be seen.

 After this, a complete video is made.  After this, there is a lot of responsibility here that you will like the video that we are making. All these things have to be thought through and you have to show consistency.

 How much money do you make per 1000 views on YouTube?

 Many people have this misconception that if someone uploads a video to your YouTube and if your videos get one thousand, that is, about one thousand views, then YouTube gives you one dollar or I will tell you if it happens. So today every person on YouTube who has 50 thousand subscribers or one lakh subscribers, whoever comes from about 40 officers, then would have been a millionaire. In my opinion, today, this change can happen if in the country outside. But YouTube also provides 0.5 dollars on 1000 views. I think this would have been a big deal. But it is not so.

 How many views do you need to make money on YouTube?

 If you get 7-8 thousand views then you can expect 1 dollar. What is a dollar now, it may be above it may also be below it may be different for other categories like food for lifestyle or kilo education, it can be different for sports entertainment comedy, so don't ever be in this misconception. And if anyone tells you, don't believe that you get 1 thousand rupees a dollar on YouTube.  Especially not in India at all.

 youtube subscribers

 This is also a myth and misunderstanding that you might have in your mind too.  Yes, here the subscriber plays an important role to bring your views along with the growth of your channel. But this does not mean that if you have more subscribers then your money will be more, never be in the thinking that the more subscribers there will be on the channel. YouTube will give us more money.  We get money when you watch a video, if any ad comes on that video, then we get money for that ad.

 Suppose you shot a video and gained one lakh views on a video and here it did not show any kind of ad. So it means that there will be no earning on that video, so it is simple we don't get subscriber's money, more views will come, more chances will be that ads are shown on that video on your channel and more revenue will be generated. The more money you will earn.

 Upload video on youtube

 In this, people think that you upload any kind of video to YouTube, download it from anywhere, record it from anywhere, send you videos or download any movies from anywhere. Upload youtube and you can earn money online sitting at home.  It is not like this at all, if you want to earn money, then here you have to create original content and you have to select an investment like comedy, entertainment, education or motivational speaker, and accordingly, you will have to adopt a regular consistency on YouTube.

 Need DSLR

 Many people think that to make videos on YouTube and to make a career and earn money from it, first of all, we should have a DSLR. It is not so, but the smartphones you get to see in today's time, you can record videos from them, you can edit videos with the same. Just here you should have good talent or you should have a good experience to speak a good presentation, you can make videos and upload them on YouTube.

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