The Importance of Time Management: Types  and Its Purpose

 The Importance of Time Management: Types  and Its Purpose


 What is time management and how can you live a lifestyle of more than 24 hours every day with the help of daily time management? How important is time management for success in life?  So without wasting time let us know how you can manage time, type of time management is done.

 Follow WRP Method

 Friends, we know that you are learning time management because you know how to manage your life well, but to manage time and life, you first have to learn to manage yourself, for which you have to learn the three most important areas. Future Growth Physical Health and Mental Health has to be managed daily. This will automatically start managing the rest of the areas and will help you in this WRP method Most people spend their day in two ways.

 Eat that frog early

 This is such a powerful method that some of the first people in the world have been following it for years. Even Brian Tracy, himself a millionaire, a motivational speaker, wrote books in it.  In the name of Dad Frog, all you have to do is to eat the thinnest and biggest frog of the day first at the beginning of every day. Don't be afraid, we are not asking you to eat frogs here, but your work here. Or that task which is very important for you to do every day.

 But you do not feel like doing it or you do not like to do it or it spends most of your mental energy but you need to do it daily. If you complete such work at the beginning of the day, then you will have finished it at the beginning of the day itself. Along with this, you will not have his tension throughout the day and you will not postpone it later. Doing this will also help you fight Protests.

 Don't be busy

 People think that we will be successful in life only when we are busy with 24 horses. It has entered the minds of people that being busy is equal to success rather than being wrong.  So if you follow one success list, not one or two lists every day, then in two lists people write down all the work that they have to do on that day and in the same success list, you have to do only and only that work for you in life. Most important. You have to write at maximum only three most important tasks in a day in that success list, no more than that.  And this is the same matter that Warren Buffett uses personally.

 Apply Parkinson's law

 Any work will be done only in the time you give to complete that work. But if you have three months to develop a website, then you will easily take three months to develop that website. But if it will be given to you only for a month, then whatever you do, you will try to develop the website in a month. That is, simply said, the more time you have to complete any task, the more time you will spend in completing that work and the less time, the less time you will spend, you will spend every task only that much. Give time as much as he deserves. Which you can complete within a particular time limit.

 Focus on the system, not on goals

 If you are a student then maybe your goal will be to get a particular percentage or clear some big exam. If you are a working person then your goal will be a particular salary or getting a new job or any position. And if you are a businessman then your goal particles will be financial profit.  We all have some goal or the other. We should focus on following the system more than our goal. Don't worry, you don't have to do anything to reach your goals.

 All you have to do is focus on your system to reach those goals. If you think of the system as easy, then your daily routine or daily walking process, you ask yourself whether according to your goal, is my system i.e. daily routine and working process correct or just I am wasting my time. So friends, whatever your goal is, you must keep it in mind.

 But daily focus only and only on following your daily system because if you only think about the goal then you are focusing on what is there in the long run. But if you focus on the daily system such as your daily routine, study schedule and time, then this system will work as a ladder to reach your goal set.  You will not waste your today by focusing on the future.

 Waking up early is the best thing

 You will be able to do time management only when you have more time than you need to do different things throughout the day. If you are getting up late in the morning, then do not expect that you will have extra time than the rest, then you should do this by starting to get up two or three hours earlier and gradually with time give yourself early morning. Make a person  By getting up two or three hours earlier than your normal time, you will have two or three extra hours in the day and you can do your most important walk in these two or three hours.

 Distraction skills your time

 The simple way to avoid distraction is to avoid distinction now. It is not that easy but you just have to take a paper sheet and write in it what are the things that disturb you throughout the day and take away most of your time from you. You do not have to do those activities and you have to either stick that list on your wall so that you can see it again and again or what you do not have to do. Keep your phone's notifications off when you are working or studying, put the phone on silent.

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