Money saving techniques: There are special ways to know to save money

 Money saving techniques: There are special ways to know to save money


 If you do a job then you may want to save money from your salary but you are not able to succeed in it at all. If you have the same problem then today I am going to tell you creative ways to save money, through which you will start saving your money from your salary. The methods I have mentioned may sound strange to you. These are the best ways to save money

 Stop Increasing EMI

 A habit you have to stop increasing your EMI. It happens in today's time that you get a car from 10 thousand mobile to 10 lakh in easy instalments. Instalments are the biggest hurdle in your savings because of these easy instalments, you also buy things that you don't need and sometimes you buy new things on EMI just because Your old EMI was over.

 For example

 You had bought a TV and its EMI is coming to an end next month, then it comes to your mind that let's buy a new phone now and this MI will end and if your salary increases then you still think the same. If the money has increased, then you can afford extra EMI. So let's buy something new, because of this thinking many times your EMI keeps increasing and you do not have any money left for saving. So if you want to save then you first have to reduce your EMI increase so that you can save this money at the right place.

 Say no to credit card

 Another way to save is to either close your credit card or keep it in a place where you can not easily use it and not every day at all.  If you want to buy anything then try to use cash because in most cases you spend more money when you use a credit card. There are also chances of increasing debt on you and due to this, you are not able to save.

 Control your expenses

 How to save money sitting at home? The third important thing for saving is that you have to control your expenditure. You spend in many ways and currently, many of your expenses are due to you installed in your phone.  If you want to control your expenses, first of all, uninstall every app from your phone that encourages you to spend.

 The app tells you that you are getting a discount, then your brain thinks that yes, you are getting a discount, order and in this way, your budget starts getting spoiled. The app tells you that getting discount coupons is getting cashback and it is an easy experience for you, then you choose that path without thinking and then increase your expenses too.

 Do not compare your life with others

 To save, it is also necessary that you do not compare your lifestyle with others. You have to understand that people who post on Facebook and Instagram wearing new clothes and shoes are neither happy nor have money. Many of them are neck-deep in debt and if they were really happy, they wouldn't have been begging others for likes.  But Facebook accepts the lies told on Instagram as truth and you also try to adopt a lifestyle like them.

 You also start spending money on expensive clothes, mobiles and shoes as well as on movies and eating out so that you can post your photos on places like Facebook and Instagram and get likes from others. Keep in mind friends, when your money is spent on these things, then you will not have any money left to save and you will not be able to save.  So try to stay away from these appearances.

 Understand the importance of saving

 The fifth essential habit for saving is to understand the importance of saving.  Whenever I talk about saving, many people say that when you have to save, why should you earn. Many people say that saving will not do anything and many such things, if you want to save money from your salary, then it is important that you do not believe in such nonsense, rather you understand that saving is necessary and every  By saving a little money a month, you can invest and you can also become a rich man.

 Along with this, it is also very important that when you get a salary, first you save or invest some of it and only then spend it. If you make a habit of saving your money, then you can also invest your money in the right place and if needed you will be able to use that money for your enjoyment as well. But you can do all these things only if you consider saving as wisdom and not foolishness and you will save before spending even a single rupee from your salary.

 Make your budget

 You have to make your budget and spend your money by sticking to this budget. That is why you must make your budget before getting your salary and include every necessary expenditure in it. If you have made a budget, then you have to work by sticking to this budget and apart from this, do not spend even a single extra extravagant. If needed, give yourself time to prepare this budget, but whatever happens, make this budget foolproof in any case.

 What is the 30 days area?

 Also, while making this budget, you have to keep in mind that you should follow the 30-day rule. All you have to do in this rule is that you have to spend 50% of the money on your needs. You have to spend 30% of your money on your wants and 20% of the money you have to withdraw in advance for your savings. If you do this then you will be able to save money from your salary, otherwise, you will not be able to save.

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