What is Bitcoin? 1 bitcoin price future of bitcoin in India

 What is Bitcoin? 1 bitcoin price future of bitcoin in India


 What is Bitcoin?  Nowadays you must be hearing a lot about this new currency.  But are you also one of those who do not understand anything?  Apart from this, people are becoming rich overnight by keeping this currency with them. So let us tell you what this bitcoin is after all and can it make a person rich overnight.

 What is CryptoCurrency?

Bitcoin is a virtual currency. It is completely different from other currencies because we can neither see nor touch bitcoin like money.

 You can keep bitcoins in just one online wallet

That is, you will never be able to touch it but you will be able to spend it. It is a decentralized currency, that is, neither it is controlled by bank authorities, nor does anyone else use the internet like bonds and junk, which is not owned by anyone. By the way, we can use bitcoin which no one owns.

 Where is bitcoin used?

 We can use it for online payment or any transaction. You can directly transact with bitcoin without any bank credit card than any company in between. It is believed to be the fastest and most efficient to use in bitcoin transactions.

 Bitcoin transaction

 Nowadays online developers in the world, owners of big companies are adopting and using bitcoin. Its biggest feature is that the whole world is using it in transactions. Like the rest of the currencies we use for online transactions, then we have to follow the methods of banks, only then we can make payments and all our accounts are present in the cloud of donations so that we know how much money was in expenses.

 History of bitcoin

 But because there is no owner of bitcoin, all its accounts are recorded in a public account called the blockchain. It is proof of whether the transaction has taken place or not.  Bitcoin Price History: In the beginning, the price of one bitcoin was about 65 thousand rupees and now it has increased to about 24 lakh rupees. This means that if you want to buy one bitcoin, then you will have to spend about 24 lakh rupees.

 Bitcoin wallet

 The price of bitcoin keeps rising and falling.  Because no one has control over it. It varies according to its demand. We can store bitcoins only electronically and for this, we need a bitcoin wallet. It is just like you keep your paper notes in your wallet and when you have to buy them, take them out and give them to the shopkeeper.

 In the same way, you have to keep bitcoins in an electronic wallet. In this wallet, you have to create your bank account. This wallet gives you a unique ID i.e. unique identity in the form of an address.

 How to earn bitcoin?

 Suppose you have earned some bitcoin and you want to keep it in your wallet, then you can easily keep that bitcoin with you by entering that address. The special thing is that when you sell bitcoin and take your currency i.n. Indian rupees, then you can send it directly to your bank account. What is bitcoin after all?

 How to buy bitcoin

 Now let us tell you whether you can become rich overnight. Cost of 1 bitcoin To buy bitcoin, you will now have to invest 24 lakh rupees. You can buy bitcoin directly by paying 24 lakh rupees and sell it when its value increases and earn profit from your invested amount.

 But bringing so much money to every person is not an easy thing. So we'll tell you another way. It's not at all necessary that you need to buy the entire bitcoin in one go. If you want, then you can buy the smallest unit of bitcoin i.e. the smallest unit which is also called Santoshi.

 Have you been satisfied?

 Just like there are hundred paise in one rupee in our India, in the same way, there are 100 million satoshis in one bitcoin, then you can gradually collect one or more bitcoins by collecting the smallest unit of bitcoin.  When you have bitcoin and its value increases, you can earn more money by selling it.

 How to buy goods with bitcoin?

 If you are selling any goods online and your customer has currency in the form of bitcoin then you sell your goods to him with bitcoin so that you will get bitcoin and your goods will also be sold. You keep this bitcoin in your wallet and when its value increases, you can get profit by selling it to another person.

 How to invest in bitcoin?

 If you want to invest in bitcoin for the long term, then you can benefit a lot from it because it has been seen in the record that the price of bitcoin is increasing continuously then you will get benefit from it in future also. In the end, you should give one more piece of advice. In the process of getting rich overnight, keep two things in mind.

 Someone to control bitcoin. If the authority is not responsible then its price fluctuates a lot. Investing in this is risky and at the same time if your account is ever hacked you will lose all bitcoins and no one will be able to help you in this. So are you ready?

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