How to get rich fast? some ways in which life will be best

 How to get rich fast? some ways in which life will be best


How to get rich fast: You have a car, you have a luxury house and you have money worth crores of billions. You are not worried in any way, but now your age is more than 70 and you have come to the peak of your old age, then will you be able to enjoy all these things and not at all in the comparison of young age but  Some people always walk on this track.

 Age of life enjoyment

Study for 22 to 23 years, then a job for 30 to 35 years and wait for retirement after getting old. Now the matter here, even if you become a millionaire, what benefit you will have with the age of enjoyment will have gone a long way.

How to get rich in short time


But the message I am going to share with you today will make you think about why you too should become financially free at an early age so that you can enjoy all these luxuries at an early age.

 Understand with the help of an example

 Rich people started roaming among rich people like Bill Gates, Ratan Tata, Mukesh Ambani, Elan Maas and Jeff Bezos. But recently someone must have thought that a 24- to 25-year-old would be earning lakhs of crores by the rules of his business sitting at home.

 It is because maximum people do not think that even a boy of 24 to 25 years can become a Millionaire. But if it is, it is his luck.

 NBA Domar Story of a Rich Man

 When NBA Domar was in his childhood, he was eating ice cream in his street one day when his eyes fell on a shining Lamborghini car. Jogi was standing a short distance from him, seeing that car also came to the mind of the middle-aged that its owner will be an old man.

 But the person who came near that car was completely surprised to see him. And the owner of the car was a 25-year-old young man and he went there and asked the man what work you do.

 So the man told me that I am an investor and he left. That's when this owner was convinced that it is possible to become rich even at a low age. After that, he decided about it.

 Then read different books to know more about people

 After which he came to know that in this world people walk on only three ways, out of which

  1.  The first is a sidewalk
  2.  second slow lane
  3.  third is a fast lane

 So let's get to know about all three of us one by one. so come first

 Side walkers

 Also called side walkers. Now, these are the people who have no control over their money.  According to them, whatever is there is only today. There is no tomorrow, no financial planning, no financial goal. These people always work salary to salary.

 Meaning whenever they get a salary, these people spend openly and spend so much that till the second salary comes, they have nothing left. If their salary is stopped even by mistake, then their bankruptcy goes out.

 Side Walkers Believe Being Rich Is Just a Luck

 Only one can become rich whose luck wants it. Now maybe even those two categories of people come.

  •  first side rich
  •  another side poor side

 slow lane people

 Those are the people I just told you about but some side-reach followers make us look rich but in the future, all their riches are only for protection.

 Even if their salary is 40 thousand, then they will still buy a phone of 50 to 60 thousand, even if they have to buy the phone for finance. Because they have to look rich in front of people.

 The financial intelligence of the slow lane is at zero level

 The whole life of such people is spent in the struggle and they can never become financially free. Increase the number to hundreds of People walking on the slow line, also known as the slow planet.

 Most middle-class people fall into this category. These guys are two million times better than side walkers. They have a list, they worry about their future. The job or business in which these people work.

 Some of that money is saved and invested so that they can get a stable and secure life in the future. This is not the way to become rich according to every author.

 slow lane people get rich too

 These people do become rich by coming at a time, but by then they have lost all their young age. For example, suppose you want to become a doctor, then for this, you have to complete your studies, for which lakhs of rupees are spent to complete it and for some big degrees, even crores are assumed here that in the age of 25 to 30 years, you have  He also completed his studies.

 Now after getting so old, if you work in a hospital or you open your clinic, then here. Now you will work for 25 to 30 years.  Now even after crossing this edge, even if Agra firing chilli becomes free, then at that time there will be no AG left for you to enjoy this life.

 Want to become a doctor to become rich?

 Now, this doesn't mean that you don't want to be a doctor. It is a dream of people to become a doctor so that they can help millions of people. After studying you are going to become a doctor thinking that after becoming a doctor you will become very rich.

 Fast lane people

 Their education is not confined to school or college. They keep learning something new every day. They keep improving their knowledge so that through this knowledge they can create such a system so that they do not have to earn for life and thus they create as many assets as they can and at one time they become a friend.

 But all these are not so easy either. This process takes you more effort than some Nolan on the side. Have to be confused a lot.  Plus time is available here, I am not so much at all that you have to see old age.

 How can we walk on the fast lane route

 Is that the way to walk on the fast lane route? So that's why I am sharing with you 4 points which you must follow. If you don't want to be in your early years.

 Attack the need

 You have to create a system or a business that fulfils the needs of the people because the more value you provide to the people in the future, the richer you will become.


 When people had to wait for hours for Ota or bus, Ola understood their problem but provided an application based taxi service.  But today you know how big a company Ola has become.

 In the same way, Oyo understood the people getting worried about the hotels and created a system to accommodate people in the chital space. Oyo has also become very popular today.

 You also have to create an easy system that meets the needs of the people. The bigger the level of problems people have, after solving it, the richer you will go on becoming.

 High anti barrier business

 Now let's understand it in such a way that suppose you open a clothes shop, then what do you think will become famous as soon as it opens. Of course not. Like you, there are thousands of other people who have already been doing this work and these people are your competitors.

 Now if you want to beat your competitors, then some unique have to mix their products which the rebels cannot even think of bringing.  Only then your business will be able to grow even in such competition.

 Has cab robbed

 No matter how big your neighbourhood grocery store is, its owner won't be as wealthy as the nerdy rich jab. Region stability can cover only those particular areas from the shop in your area. But you can shop from anywhere in the whole world of the zone.

 Similarly, you will not be as famous with Berry's Burger as the famous McDonald's company. Both make burgers. Batman Donald has scaled his own.

 Due to which the people of the whole world know that company, that is why they advise Adharma that the bigger the scale of your business, the more your business will increase the chances of growing.

 Detail and business with time

 Meaning you have to create a business that keeps making money for you even while you sleep. People If you are not another seller on Amazon or Flipkart then people can buy your product anytime without you getting involved or buying a house and giving it on rent.

 Here too you will keep getting money without any hard work and many more such assets that will continue to make money for you today, even without much involvement of you, in which a noble wife has been made about the top ten assets. 

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