How To Get Financial Freedom?  How to Know Its Assets?

 How To Get Financial Freedom?  How to Know Its Assets?


How To Get Financial Freedom: There is a very famous quote from the co-founder of Microsoft company Bill Gates. If you were born in a poor house then it is not your fault.  But if you die poor then it is your fault. There is no doubt in the fact that no human comes with money from God because God has sent everyone making them equal.

How to get financial freedom fast

Financial freedom formula: What is such a miracle is that some people live their life according to their wishes, only some people spend their whole life in the struggle. Nor is there any such miracle behind it, nor do these people have any supernatural powers. Huh. This whole game is about Thinking and Mindset.

 Financial free and rich people work

 A good way of telling these people that their little hard work now.  How much more benefit can you give them in the future? These people do not buy luxury in the beginning.

 All their focus is on how to put their remaining money on work so that later their money works for them, that is, they give them money by bringing profit and for this they create as many assets as possible.

 The result of the work of the financial logo

 The result of which is that resentment becomes financially free at a time.  Now even if they are not working anywhere, then like those assets, they are getting so much income that they can run their future generations.

 Other thinking people never want to change (Importance of financial freedom)

 Just like everyone is going, keep going and they also have a very famous quote which you must have heard. Money is not important because it can't buy happiness but these people spend their whole life thinking.

 Now it may be that he is saying all this with the right intention. But on today's date money has become an important part of our life and when I am talking about 80% then it is a very important thing.

 Multiplying Money to Be a Rich Man

 But to become a rich person is much more important than this, applying it multi-apply so that later your money will earn you unlimited money, so today I am going to tell you about 10 such assets which will make you financially free in no time. can.

Financial Freedom Assets - How to achieve financial independence

 Now some of these methods will be paid and some methods are going to be free. You can disassemble any asset according to you.

 Equipment and machinery is at number 10

 Earning money doesn't matter that much in the journey of becoming rich, it does matter how to earn that money. For example, cars. If you are taking it for yourself then it will not give you money by earning it at all.  Just if you are taking it as a taxi and giving it on rent to someone, then every day you will keep getting money from sitting at home.

 Exactly such a computer or laptop, if you are purchasing it only for entertainment or gaming, then it can become the biggest liability for you, not an asset. But if you are using it to manage a website or your business. Now, this is an asset for you.

 understand from an example

 When Warren Buffett was 15 years old, he went to a barber's shop for a haircut. Going there, he saw that there was a lot of crowd at that barber's shop. Everyone was waiting for their turn for a long time, then only then an idea came to them.

 He bought a pink ball machine for $ 25 and he set it up at that barber's shop.  Now by doing this, no one had to get bored to cut their hair.

 People were also enjoying their boring time by playing games, which increased the queries of that emperor and Warren Buffett also kept getting profit from there every day, so assets like equipment and machinery can now earn a lot of money sitting at home.

 Raw Materials and Commodities at No. 9

 So in commodities, if we take a look at the history of gold, then in the year 2009, the price of gold was 3-14 thousand 500 rupees, on June 8, 2021, the price of the same gold has gone up to about 50 to 60 thousand rupees. That means 400 times profit in 12 years. Yes, I agree that this is not such an asset that will give you double the money in 25 days.

 This is a very good way to invest in change, but if you want to make a profit from here, then invest the same amount in gold. Money that you do not need for a long time because in the short term its rates also keep going up and down.

 business at number 8

 90% of the people in the world have become millionaires only because of their business.  And there is no doubt that if your business takes off then it can become a huge asset for you. Now even if you are not physically involved here, your workers will still work for you.

 Now it is not that your business will run 100% because if the business is yours then you are its boss too. If you want, you can take your business to a big level and it is because of you that the bankruptcy of your business can also come out.

 Before starting a business, do good research about that business first, but if you do not have enough money that you can open a business, you can take your stake in the ready-made business.

 stock market at number 7

 Some people think about this as stock market gambling. There is gambling, trapping money here is like betting your money but it is not. Gambling can also happen to those people who only trade on the stock market day and night.

 If you take a long term goal, then in the long term maximum companies will bring you profit. Now, this does not mean that you can buy the stocks of that company whenever you want.

 When it comes to investing money, before that we should take complete information about the field where we are going to invest our money. So if you do not have any knowledge of some top markets.

 own cash at number 6

 Now some of you may think that how can cash be an asset, through cash, we create assets, but cash is a huge asset for us, which we may need at any time.

 understand by example

 Suppose you have made an asset by investing all your money. But right now you do not have any money and suddenly you have such an opportunity where you could have earned more profit by investing your money. So you must have some emergency cash with you.

 Technology at number 5

 Technology has made our every work very easy today, the work which used to take hours to do, today the same work is possible with technology in minutes. In the earlier times, if we used to talk to people living in foreign countries, at that time our calls used to be charged as much as we used to get here in a week.

 This charge was brought down to zero.  Apps like WhatsApp and IMO, which were created through the internet and technology, you know how popular these two apps are.

 Similarly, you will also use technology. You can create such a unique app that solves the problem of people, which will earn you lifetime money after becoming famous.

 Copyright & Trademark at No.4

 There must be many of you who must be working on YouTube themselves. But you also have to say that there is a guideline called YouTube's copyright claim, under which if you use anyone's video or music in your video, then it will lead to a copyright claim on your video.

 It does not affect the video. But whatever the revenue of that video is, all that revenue goes to whose video or music you have used.

 Why does this happen after all?

 This is because they have the copyright of that content.  Similarly, copyright can be a very effective asset for you too, and that's how it works.  Suppose you made a sound or a video of your own, then you got the copyright of it.

 Now on whichever platform you upload your content and it becomes famous, then whoever re-uses your content later, can generate revenue through copyright claim.

 Affiliate Marketing at No. 3

 Now the most important thing about this asset is that neither you need to spend much time here nor buy any product to sell it. You just need to do some hard work for this. You will have to create a blog or a channel on YouTube and work on it with consistency by dissecting a particular niche.

 Then as soon as people start increasing on your blog or channel, you can update it by telling about any product. All the people who buy by clicking on it, then some percentage of them will also be given to you.

 Because your blog or video is always published there, then you will always get the commission of all the people who keep buying it in the future.

 number two people

 Whatever famous personality you talk about, whether it is a politician, an actor, a singer or a big businessman, why are these people so popular because they have people who like them.

 Suppose only one cryptocurrency has become so famous today and big companies also advertise their products just because of celebrities.

 So that those people who like that celebrity have trust in that product, but in return, those celebrities charge lakhs of crores from those companies.

 Video at number 1

 You know very well that Google is the number one search engine in the whole world, but do you now also know that the number duper YouTube comes after Google.  If there is a video platform, then from this you can get an idea of ​​how many videos are being liked. Because everyone knows that video content is such a thing that once hard work always gives its return.

 understand by example

 You are watching this video. Now I am making this video. I have worked hard once and uploaded it but this video is always going to be present here but the more views keep coming on it, the more I will keep getting its revenue.

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